Firefox 14 now availabe for Android through Google Play store

Shawn Knight

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The latest version of Mozilla's popular mobile browser is now available for download in the Google Play store for Android devices. Firefox 14 isn't filled to the brim with new features but there is enough on tap for most users……

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There probably was a Firefox made for iOS, Apple, being the type of company that likes to force their own things onto their fans, has likely denied it.


FF14 loads pages pretty quick, but to manually type a url, you tap the address bar to highlight the existing url, but it it does not automatically bring up your keyboard like it should. So when you tap the url again to bring up your keyboard, you lose the highlight and have to manually delete existing url by holding down your backspace key until it is gone. VERY annoying.

Hopefully this gets patched really soon.


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Thanks. I've been using Opera for a long while. Tried FF when it came out and didn't like it and uninstalled it. I'll see how this version compares.