Hynix has been manufacturing solid state drives for OEMs and providing NAND to multiple third party builders for some time but thus far, they haven't offered SSDs directly to consumers. That is all about to change as the company has launched what they are simply calling the client SSD.

2.5-inch SSDs from Hynix utilize 26nm ONFI synchronous NAND flash in capacities of 128GB and 256GB. Drives use the SATA III interface for optimal data transmission with ratings of 510MB/sec sequential read and 470MB/sec sequential write. The client SSD produces 55K IOPS and 85K IOPS, 4KB random read and write respectively.

Furthermore, drives support TRIM and use what Hynix calls end-to-end protection that's said to protect against data loss. All drives use 128bit AES encryption to reinforce data security. Much like the nondescript name, drives are enclosed in an equally discrete white chassis.

Hynix agreed to purchase controller maker Link A Media Devices (LAMD) last week in a deal valued at $248 million, although don't expect to find LAMD controllers inside the client SSD just yet. The Tech Report discovered that some people who have already received the drive found SandForce controllers onboard.

Hynix's press release points out that 2.5-inch drives are currently available in Japan and should be released soon in Korea and the US. They also point out that mSATA drives have been available to PC OEMs since the end of last year, products which also now appear on their website. Exact launch date and pricing information was not made available.