Gigabyte has introduced the world's first dual-purpose mouse, serving as a traditional pointing device with multi-touch gesture support as well as a touchpad like you would find on a notebook. The Aivia Xenon is able to switch between the two functions by pressing a button on the side of the mouse.

Aesthetically, the Aivia Xenon resembles the Speedlink Cue Wireless Multitouch mouse that we reviewed as part of our three-way touch mouse roundup last year. Unfortunately we found that the Cue was too small and oddly shaped to be comfortable for daily use, but don't let that deter you from the Xenon.

Gigabyte's dual-purpose mouse uses a standard optical sensor with a maximum resolution of 1000 DPI and can also be used as a presentation tool at a distance of up to 10 meters away in conjunction with the Aivia Painter software. The company famous for motherboards also includes software that allows the user to personalize the multi-touch experience by creating custom gestures.

When in touchpad mode, the mouse is intended to be turned sideways into landscape mode. Here, the majority of the top surface works as the touchpad zone while a small vertical strip on the right side acts as the scrolling zone.

Gigabyte's dual-purpose mouse uses two AA batteries for power but with a price tag of roughly $40, it's on the expensive side for a desktop mouse. Granted the touchpad idea is pretty novel, I'm not entirely sure someone using a desktop would have the need to revert to notebook-style controls.