Sony may be planning to update the PlayStation 3 according to documents filed with the US Federal Communications Commission. This would mark the second revision for the current generation home console, the first coming in 2009 as a slimmed down version of the original that also consumes less power. It's currently the only model in production.

The revision, earning the nickname "super slim", could be announced at Gamescom next month in Germany. Note that Sony used the same stage to introduce the current slim model three years ago. The FCC sketches don't reveal too much, but they do show a different FCC label position and confirm that Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR and 802.11g/n come standard once again.

Eurogamer spoke with Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida at last month's E3, asking if they had any plans to release a super slim PS3. Yoshida told the publication to never say never, a strong indication that such a move is likely.

The move could be a last ditch attempt to reel in some late adopters before the launch of their next generation console, dubbed the PlayStation 4. Many expect the PS4 to drop sometime next year or in 2014, perhaps around the same time as Microsoft's rumored Xbox 720.

The current PS3 slim is 32 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter and consumes 34 percent less power than the original that launched in November 2006. Outside of the reply at E3, Sony has declined to comment any further on the rumor.