Fujitsu is veering off the beaten manufactured PC path and will soon begin offering classes to teach individuals how to build their computers. The move will further bolster PC assembly workshops that the company has been running in Fukushima and Shimane for the past eight years.

Fujitsu wants to teach customers about PC hardware and how to assemble a computer, regardless of age or technical skill. Configurable systems will come with 15 components to piece together for more experienced users. The motherboard will arrive pre-installed in the chassis but otherwise, the user is left to install various components like CPU cooler, RAM and the hard drive. Instructors will teach the students what each piece of hardware does and how to properly assemble them inside the system.

Newcomers can opt to have some components pre-assembled in advance as to ease them into the experience. General safe practice measures like using an anti-static mat and wrist strap will be instilled as part of the course.

Fujitsu will offer the service on 19 different machines that span four series including the LifeBook AH family of notebooks, the all-in-one Esprimo FH family and the Esprimo DH and Raku-Raku desktop systems. Customers will be able to customize key components like the CPU and hard drive at the time of purchase. A personalized mouse will be provided to anyone that participates in the class.

The company hopes that those who attend the course will be able to diagnose and repair their computer in the future in addition to performing upgrades on their own. Courses are scheduled to begin on August 9 in Japan.