As the PC game industry gets ready for the official launch of Windows 8 in just a few months, the people who will be at the front lines of Microsoft's next operating system will be its PC OEM partners. While we have heard some details about what big companies such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus and Samsung will offer in terms of their Windows 8 products, we also wanted to check in on smaller PC companies that specialize in creating products made for high end gaming and work purposes.

Today we start a series of interviews with these companies and are kicking things off with a man that's often credited to have created the "gaming PC" boutique market: Kelt Reeves, the CEO of Falcon Northwest. His company is well known among hardcore PC gamers for making some of the most powerful PCs you can buy. Recently, the Falcon Northwest launched a new product, a micro-tower desktop called the Tiki.

We got a chance to chat with Reeves about the Tiki, his thoughts on the PC market in general, what he thinks of Windows 8 and lots more.

First, Falcon Northwest just launched its new micro tower Tiki PC. How did the idea come about for this new product?

We’ve been attempting to shrink the size of the PC since we released our FragBox Small Form Factor system back in 2003. To us, it’s pretty obvious that while huge, capable full towers are the best option for expansion and cooling, not everyone wants that big a system on (or under) their desks. For Tiki, I wanted to go really small. I wanted to build a system that was the absolute minimum size of what the highest end parts themselves measured. I wanted to set a new standard for power-per-cubic-inch.

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