Cloud storage and syncing startup Dropbox is beefing up its paid offerings in the wake of increased competition from the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, among others. Starting today Dropbox Pro subscribers will see twice as much storage space on their accounts for no additional cost.

Those who previously paid $9.99 a month or $99 per year for 50GB of storage will be upgraded to 102GB (100GB plus the 2GB of free space provided to all users), while those paying $19.99 a month or $199 per year  will now get 202GB instead of 100GB.

The company also says that it is giving any current Pro members a 3 month 100GB trial to share with friends. The new plans will go into effect tonight.

Although the bump in storage space is certainly welcome Dropbox is still among the priciest alternatives out there. Google Drive offers 100GB on top of your free storage at $60 per year, for example, while Microsoft's SkyDrive offers the same deal for $50 a year and Amazon at $100 a year.

Free Dropbox accounts are not receiving any upgrades. They still start at 2GB, which is considerably less than rival offerings, but Dropbox allows you bump that up to 18GB through referrals and other promotions.