The next iPhone could be unveiled as early as August 7 if a tip from Know Your Mobile is true. A trusted industry source told the publication that Apple will host a media event that day where Cupertino will introduce the next iteration of the iPhone as well as make iOS 6 publically available.

Most believed that Apple would follow a similar reveal and launch timetable to the iPhone 4S which hit the market last October but more recent rumors have suggested that this date could be moved up to compete with Samsung's new Galaxy S III handset. This reason seems plausible as Samsung is expected to sell nearly 10 million Galaxy S III smartphones by the end of this month and would also put Apple in line for back-to-school buying if they were able to launch at precisely the right time.

One thing that goes against this rumor is the fact that Apple has placed a "coming this fall" tagline on iOS 6. It's very possible that the decision to move the new iPhone's release came well after the announcement of iOS 6 at Apple's WWDC last month.

Wired also points out that a late summer launch just feels a bit too early. Additionally, the September or October time frame better aligns Apple with the always lucrative holiday buying season. If the phone is made available in August, the competition could have something new out before the holidays that might sway buyers to their camp.

As always, we suggest taking rumors with a healthy dose of salt.