While it's no great surprise the new Samsung Galaxy SIII will receive an update to Google's latest Android mobile OS, rumors indicate there's a bit of news for those still using the previous generation Galaxy SII as well. According to Sammobile.com, the South Korean phone maker will announce the upgrade for both Galaxy phones as early as August or September.

Apparently initial testing on the SII device has been a success and there is a strong chance Samsung will release the Android 4.1 update, as long as it passes testing. The Samsung mobile site suggests the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 7.7 will also get Jelly Bean. Samsung has not officially commented on any devices however, so like all rumors it should be taken with a pinch of salt until they confirm their Android 4.1 roadmap.

Google's latest version of Android is an incremental release, building on the foundations set by ICS, and focusing further on providing a more fluid UI experience, like Project Butter, a collection of tweaks and tune-ups which are claimed to make the OS more pleasurable to use than on previous Android iterations.

It's also worth noting that while Google might release the new OS to vendors shortly, users will still be at the mercy of wireless carriers who will test it thoroughly before releasing it to their customers.

Those thinking their unlocked, carrier-free Galaxy S3 will get the update before network-locked versions will be in for a shock as well. After the fiasco caused by the unlocked SGSII handsets getting the ICS update last, Samsung has made it very clear they "want everyone to have the same experience, whether or not it's open-market, network, to us they're exactly the same."