Electronic Arts has announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic will be moved to a free-to-play platform later this fall. The decision comes after a similar move last month that allowed new players to try the game through level 15 using each character - or enough to get through the introductions and into each storyline.

Under the new plan, gamers will be able to play any character up to level 50 free of charge. If a player wants to progress further or utilize any other special in-game content, a subscription will need to be purchased or items will have to be bought a la carte.

In the interim, the game will go on sale for $15 starting August 7 which includes a full month of free play. Furthermore, there are multiple bonuses to be had for players that are already subscribers or for those that have subscribed in the past.

Current and previous players will collect 150 Cartel Coins for each paid month prior to July 31. Those that purchased the Collector's Edition will net 1,000 Cartel Coins and a Heroes' Banner. If you subscribed to the free-to-play option before August 1, you'll get your choice of in-game item. Finally, all active players from August 1 until the launch of the free-to-play model will earn 250 Cartel Coins.

Cartel Coins can be used to purchase in-game items through the upcoming Cartel Market. Feel free to check out the free-to-play site for more details on these offers.