Google is preparing to build a privacy “red team” that will work to investigate and solve privacy concerns moving forward. The new division comes just a week after the search giant was hit with a record-setting $22.6 million fine by the Federal Trade Commission over a tracking cookie incident that allegedly took place in 2011 and 2012.

A recent job posting unearthed Google's red team plans. According to ZDNet, such a team typically works internally (although independently) at a company to run a fine-tooth comb over everything from policies and products to services and the workforce in general. It’s often described as a quality control measure taken to the next level that helps to ensure the business will run like a well-oiled machine.

Kaspersky Lab’s ThreatPost blog notes that the idea of a red team isn’t new as corporations have used them for decades to try and break a piece of software, hack into a network or circumvent a security system. Such teams are even used in the real world to try and gain entry into a secure facility or restricted area but Google’s decision and implementation is described as a unique one.

Those interested in becoming a “back-end ninja” should check out Google’s job posting for more information and to apply. Note that a BS or MS in Computer Science is required (or four years of relevant work in the field).