Ever since Google revamped its search engine homepage with the introduction of Google Instant, which displays results as you type in your query, their quirky "I'm feeling lucky" button was made redundant. The button accounts for a tiny share of Google searches and is more of a gimmick than anything else, but rather than completely doing away with it the company has taught it some new tricks.

If you head over to Google right now and hover your cursor over the "I'm feeling lucky" button it will spin to display a different 'emotion' – instead of lucky the button will read I'm feeling hungry, artistic, trendy, puzzled, and so on. Clicking on the button takes you to a Google service related to that emotion.

For example, Lucky leads to Google Logos, Wonderful leads to the World Wonders Project which uses Google Maps data, Stellar leads to the Hubble Telescope page in Google Earth, Artistic leads to a collection in the Google Art Project, Trendy shows you hot searches on Google Trends, Hungy serves up a list of nearby restaurants with Google+Local Zagat ratings, Puzzled leads to the Google a Day site.

Of course, Google isn't pitching as anything you'd want to use for search. Rather it's just a clever way to show off the various projects it owns or helps run, while keeping up with its tradition of adding easter eggs to its products. Here are a few others you might remember:

  • Anagram: Searching for anagram causes Google to suggest "nag a ram".
  • Do a barrel roll: Try googling "do a barrel roll" to see your search results to roll across the screen.
  • Recursion: Searching for recursion causes Google to suggest "recursion" once again.
  • Searching for "the answer to life the universe and everything": A reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Askew: Type in tilt or askew and Google will slant your search results in an interesting way.
  • Zerg Rush: typing zerg rush and a swarm of enemies shaped like the letter "O" will begin to fall from the top of the browser window.