Wireless capabilities, built-in microphone, surround sound audio, ten hours of battery life and 50mm audio drivers - just by looking at the box of the Corsair Vengeance 2000 headphones and you already see a good set of features. I'm also someone who hates poor quality audio, and so for my computer system I have always gone for high quality, affordable sound.

For games I currently use a set of booming THX-certified Logitech surround sound speakers: the surround sound is great out of them, and the subwoofer is so powerful it vibrates my chest cavity. I am hoping for high quality out of these $150 Corsair headphones, so we'll just have to see.

As soon as I took the headphones out of the box I noticed they were quite large. Naturally to accommodate 50mm drivers the parts that go around the ears must be large, but these really are huge. The circumaural headphones are made primarily of black and faux-metal plastic, but there are some fabric and leather parts such as the speaker and top band cushions; the microphone stalk is also made of a soft-touch rubber/plastic.

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