Open webOS looks to be alive and well following HP’s release of version 1.0 earlier this week. Those needing more proof that the company has recommitted to the mobile operating system should have a look at recent job listings for webOS developers. In total, HP is looking to fill 53 developer positions ranging from internships to senior engineers and designers.

It’s interesting to see HP invest this much time and money into an operating system that won’t reach consumers in the traditional way. As noted earlier this week, the company has no intentions of using the OS on Touchpad tablets, smartphones or any other product in the consumer market. Instead, HP hopes to develop Open webOS into an all-in-one platform that could be used by corporate clients for various customer service products or even by government institutions.

The Powerbase discovered the job openings split between Sunnyvale, California and Shanghai, China. The publication points out that nearly every listing is for a high-paying engineering position so if you happen to live in either of these locations and are interested in working on a modern platform that has potential, this is your opportunity.

In other HP news, company CEO Meg Whitman told a group at yesterday’s analyst day that there would be no new smartphone released in 2013. Whitman reiterated her statement from last month that HP intends to launch a handset at some point as to not fall behind the curve. With this recent admission, we at least have a better timeline of when we can expect to see the company’s next mobile phone.