Microsoft is putting a lot of eggs in Windows 8's basket, making the operating system their make or break product for the coming year or so on both PCs (desktop/laptop) and on tablets, a category where the software giant has zero penetration as of today.

The first Windows 8 commercial is a good one, set at the tune of Eagles of Death Metal's "I Only Want You", you will see a PC explode and then several other touch-enabled computers from a variety of manufacturers showing off bits of the Metro UI and touch applications like the popular game Fruit Ninja. You won't see the Windows desktop at any one point, though admitedly like in other Microsoft ads there's a bigger focus on people and 'happiness' rather than on actual product features.

Our friends at Neowin also point us to this Microsoft Surface advertisement on the streets of Paris - or at Times Square:

Lastly, Amazon has got the retail version of Windows 8 Pro listed and currently taking the best seller spot in the software category. The operating system is in good company of Quicken 2013, Microsoft Office for Mac and PC, as well as Norton Antivirus.