To the delight of nerds everywhere, Google has thrown together a beautiful exposè of its cutting-edge data centers located around the world. Glimpses inside the search giant's facilities – data centers, in particular – are considered a rare treat, but the company has published several dozen gorgeous 3000x2000 photos in full HDR glory to: Where the Internet Lives. Google also allowed a select group of journalists and other industry professionals to tour their facilities.

Although Google is certainly hoping to impress onlookers with its photography and compositional skills, each image also has an informative caption which stitches together a larger story of what goes on at Google. The subtext for the photo above, for example, states that Google has thousands of feet worth of pipe line laid for just keeping the facility cool. The bright colors are also not just for looks either – each pipe is color coded to easily identify its purpose.

Shots include Google's vibrantly colored infrastructure, expansive floors of endless servers, a dramatically lit conference room (with a sauna, of course) set against a bitter-cold backdrop and a facility nestled alongside rolling green hills and open skies. Below is just nine of the 84 photos Google has made publicly available. 

Crawling and indexing billions of pages every day is no easy feat. Google has steadily grown over the years and continues to push cutting-edge technologies to improve its efficiency, capacity and abilities. Last year the company showed off its seawater cooling system -- a development which keeps its Finland facility operating smoothly. Google claims it is the only Internet company to eliminate its impact on the environment through means of recycling, alternative energy and smart engineering.