After 12 years of helping PC modding and watercooling enthusiasts get the gear the need, Danger Den has decided to close their doors. Not much is known about the situation at this hour short of a small notice recently posted on their website. The team, consisting of Dan, Jeremy, Dennis and Rokk simply say it's time to pursue other interests.

Danger Den was one of the first watercooling specialty shops to hit the web way before self-contained kits ever existed. The company manufactured their own water blocks in-house and offered expert opinions to users looking to fully trick out their systems. Outside of Swiftech, I can't think of another outfit as dedicated to the DIY watercooling scene as these guys were.

The company gained even more notoriety when they partnered with graphics card provider BFG to provide custom watercooling solutions for a number of different GPUs including the Nvidia 8800GTX and the GTX 295 H2O OC.

Customers did pay a premium for these type of accessories but it was the sort of thing where you get what you pay for. For overclockers looking to squeeze the most out of their hardware, watercooling was the only way.

If you're interested in scoring some sweet deals, the company is offering a 75 percent discount on all in-stock merchandise through November 5. As of writing, the site is being hammered with traffic so it's unclear how much stuff remains. At last check, there were a number of custom cases and power supplies for sale in addition to the expansive selection of watercooling gear.