Several Surface early adopters are reporting multiple issues with Microsoft's first-ever tablet. It's not exactly a good sign for Redmond considering the device has only been on the market for two weeks but we understand they are already working with customers to remedy some of the problems.

The Verge points out that they have uncovered several treads on Microsoft's support forums detailing audio-related issues. It seems that some Surface owners are experiencing random audio stuttering and muting, even when the tablet is in standby.

The publication says they have been able to reproduce the issue on several Surface samples in their possession and they have even reached out to Microsoft about it. As of writing, the company hasn't been able to generate the same issues on their end.

Another report originating from The Guardian notes that some buyers are having problems with the optional Touch Cover. Specifically, the edge on some covers appears to be fraying which exposes the wiring beneath. The defect is the same in each case, occurring right near where the cover magnetically attaches to the tablet.

This appears to be a much more common issue, according to a Microsoft support person, and we are told that the company is replacing defective Touch Covers free of charge. Affected users can head to the nearest Microsoft Store or go about the process online.

Were you a Surface early adopter and if so, have you experienced any issues with audio or the Touch Cover?