Apple has been ordered by the Court of Appeal of England to pay all of Samsung’s legal fees on an “indemnity basis” as punishment for publishing a statement that has been described as untrue and incorrect with regards to Samsung not copying the iPad's design.

It’s common practice for the loser to have to pay for the winner’s legal fees in England and Wales but the extra compensation is unusual and ultimately was done to publically shame Apple.

In July Apple was ordered by a UK court to publish a notice on their website and in multiple national newspapers stating that Samsung did not copy the design of the iPad. Cupertino filed an appeal last month but lost and was ultimately forced to carry out the sentence.

What they posted, however, contained sections of text that the UK Court of Appeal in London deemed false and misleading. The company also mentioned other legal outcomes against Samsung in an effort to spin the notice in a positive way. It’s a move that the court said was a calculated attempt to cause a lot of confusion and they were ordered to remove the statement and substitute it with a revised version.

Apple followed through with the order but again, not without mixing in a bit of trickery. The updated apology was posted on the UK with a bit of Javascript designed to make certain that no matter which display you were using, you’d have to first scroll down past a collection of Apple products to see it.