Nintendo has revealed that the Wii U's companion app, known as TVii, won't be launching alongside the console this weekend. Instead, the Japanese electronics company has said the service will be available starting in December. The service will be available to residents in Canada and the US free of charge.

TVii was announced in September alongside details about the Wii U's release date and pricing. The service is described as the most different non-gaming initiative they have ever introduced. It combines a television programming guide from your cable or satellite provider with remote control functionality and also allows users to watch streaming content directly from the web.

Nintendo says that within the coming weeks, Wii U owners will have access to Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus and Netflix. YouTube content will be available as well, likely before the aforementioned services debut.

TVii will also include social network functionality. Users will be able to comment on and share things on Facebook, Twitter and Miiverse right from the system's wireless gamepad. There are several other smaller things to point out like individual user profiles, integrated Wikipedia functionality and even live sports scores.

The Wii U Basic Set will be available on November 18 for $299 which includes 8GB of internal storage and one gamepad. The Deluxe Set bumps storage capacity up to 32GB and includes a number of other accessories like a console and gamepad stand.

Are any of you planning to pick up with Wii U this weekend? If so, what games are you most interested in?