Following up on its Assassin's Creed III 840 Pro promotion (which is still active on Newegg), Samsung has announced that folks who buy one of its new 250GB 840 SSDs will get a free copy of Far Cry 3, which is slated to ship in North America on December 4 (watch for our performance review). Unlike the Assassin's Creed III offering, Samsung's press release notes that the Far Cry 3 deal will only be around from November 22 to 26 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, though it's already popping up at online retailers including TigerDirect.

In addition to a free copy of Ubisoft's upcoming first-person shooter, Samsung hopes to attract holiday shoppers by reducing the 250GB 840's price to $169.99 (~$0.68 a gigabyte), or $20 to $30 less than it usually fetches. This price adjustment hasn't been reflected on TigerDirect yet, so we'd hold off for a few days to see if that happens, though we wouldn't wait until the end of next Monday to bite if you're interested because Samsung notes that the promotion might end earlier than expected if supplies become constrained.

It also goes without saying that you should probably read up on the TLC-based 840 before pulling the trigger. We've heard some concerning things about the 840 and 840 Pro's reliability from a fellow tech site who killed all four of their samples (two 840s and two 840 Pros). According to Samsung, those drives failed because of a firmware issue that is only present in prerelease units and not in retail models. This hasn't been confirmed yet, but it's worth keeping in mind if you're not up for playing Russian roulette with your data.