It looks like Samsung and LG Display are still at it. The latest wrinkle between the two companies is a Samsung-led lawsuit filed in Korea which alleges seven of LG's OLED patents "lack innovation". Apparently, Samsung hopes to invalidate those LG patents – presumably the same seven patents which LG has been trying to bludgeon Samsung with since September. 

A couple months ago, LG sought a permanent injunction plus damages against Samsung for purportedly violating several patents with five of its products. Those infringing Samsung devices include the ever-popular Galaxy line-up: Galaxy S3, Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Note.

Samsung warned LG it would follow up with a countersuit if necessary – it has officially made good on that threat. A Samsung spokesman said, "These are typical legal steps to defend a company's stance in a patent infringement suit".

Although Samsung is defending itself against LG's patent claims, LG's own accusations aren't without irony. Earlier this year, LG admitted that six of its employees were involved in the misappropriation of OLED-related patents from Samsung. In 2011, Samsung had charged LG Display and 11 individuals in South Korea with stealing proprietary AMOLED technology in addition to accusing its rival of employee poaching.

LG admitted its employees crossed the line, but denied any legal wrongdoing. It dismissed Samsung's "trade secrets" as common knowledge across the industry.

Incidentally, both LG and Samsung have plans to release the first 55-inch OLED television sets. The super-thin televisions were originally slated for earlier this year; however, due to manufacturing difficulties, both companies have decided to postpone their release until late 2013.