Sony has started testing a new version of their PlayStation Store that's accessible online. The destination offers a selection of movies, television shows and games available for purchase and download. It's called Sony Entertainment Network and it's online right now despite the fact that the company has yet to make a public announcement about it.

Once it's fully functional (I was having issues connecting earlier), it'll compete with the likes of Microsoft's Xbox media store and other online outlets like Amazon and iTunes that offer the same type of digital content. Pricing should be similar to other outfits based on your home region and you can pay for purchases using a credit card, pre-paid cards and PayPal.

Once you buy something, it will automatically be added to your download queue. You can also have the service start the download automatically granted you've first set up this feature in the Account Management settings. Interestingly enough, I didn't see the US listed as a participating country when I first visited the portal.

As we understand it, all content will be available on the PlayStation 3, the PS Vita and the PSP. Movies and television shows can also be downloaded and watched on computers, Sony tablets and Sony smartphones.

A post on the European PlayStation Blog notes that Sony is planning to announce and officially launch the store soon although no specific date was given. Here's to hoping that it's not a case of too little, too late for Sony in this competitive market.