It looks like Kansas City might not be the only place in the US to get a residential high speed fiber Internet connection in the not-too-distant future. A company by the name of Gigabit Squared has just been given permission to collect capital that would be used to deploy gigabit broadband in Seattle.

The plan is to build a network that would reach 50,000 households and businesses spread across 12 different Seattle-area neighborhoods. In the event that the rollout is a success, Gigabit Squared would then be contracted to install fiber transmitters atop 38 different buildings around the city. This would provide super high-speed wireless connections for those nearby to utilize.

If that wasn't enough, they are also planning to provide a wireless cloud service that could be used by the 12 neighborhoods in the initial rollout area.

The project is the second of six planned as part of Gigabit Squared's Gigabit Neighborhood Gateway program. Chicago was selected as the first city to receive a gigabit network back in October. The group has yet to announce the four other luck cities that will take part in the program.

It's unclear when the rollout would begin but based on the fact that Gigabit Squared was just given permission to raise capital, we suspect it will still be some time before residents are able to connect to the new network.

Would you be willing to pay a few bucks more each month for the opportunity to connect to a super fast gigabit Internet connection?