Google made a huge splash in the tech sector nearly a year ago when they unveiled Project Glass. The prototype glasses left many scratching their heads, trying to figure out exactly how they would be used in everyday life and apparently Google has been doing a bit of the same lately.

Babak Parviz, the person in charge of Google Glass, recently sat down for an interview with IEEE Spectrum. It was here that he discussed the status of the project and some of the basic capabilities it will have, like being able to take photos and share them with others. He noted that his team is experimenting with several features and as such, a concrete list of features has not yet been established for the device.

Another key feature for Project Glass is the ability to display information to a user in a quick manner but as PC World points out, Parviz didn't go into any further detail on this topic. If you recall, a video released last year by Google shows users doing basic tasks like scheduling appointments, getting directions and checking the weather.

Things like augmented reality, which we've been promised for years now, will likely come in later revisions. Such a setup would permit the unit's camera to see the world in real time and with the help of something like GPS, show relevant information based on what's around you.

Developers that placed orders for prototype devices can expect those to arrive early this year, Google says.