StickNFind, LLC has launched a campaign on indiegogo for a new product called BluTracker. As the name suggests, BluTracker is a long range Bluetooth GPS tracking device that features a line-of-sight range of up to 2,500 feet that's suitable for all sorts of tracking applications. Best of all, there are no monthly service fees so it's yours free and clear after the initial purchase.

The BluTracker can be tracked using a free app that will be available in Apple's App Store and Google Play. With it, the company says you'll be able to track the transmitter to within 10 feet if it's within a half mile radius. That may not sound like a whole lot and it's not perfect for every application, but you might be surprised at just how useful it could be.

StickNFind recommends attaching the device to your child's backpack or shoe to keep an extra eye on them on their way home from school or while at the park. The unit can also be attached to your pet's collar which will make finding Scruffy much easier should he get lost a few blocks away. The unit is water resistant as well which means weather shouldn't be an issue.

Inside the BluTracker is a Bluetooth radio, custom in-house RF amplifiers and a special omni directional antenna that helps with range. There's even a built-in motion detector so if someone tries to steal your bike, for example, you'll know right away.

The company is offering an early bird pre-order special for just $69 with an estimated shipping date of April 2013 if you wish to reserve yours now. The plan is to sell the BluTracker for around $85 once they become commercially available later this year.