During a recent interview on The Nerdist podcast, Valve boss Gabe Newell said his company has declined offers from Hollywood movie studios on a few different occasions. Specifically, filmmakers have been interested in adapting hits like Half-Life and Left 4 Dead to the big screen - moves that may sound like great ideas at first though until you hear what Hollywood had planned for them.

Newell gives one example where a studio approached him with an idea for a Half-Life movie. The filmmakers pitched the idea of it being Half-Life 1 with horses in a cavalry charge. The horses, naturally, would be clad in high-tech carbon armor.

As you can imagine, representatives from Valve were a bit taken back, asking the studio what the f*** they were talking about and if they had even played the game. We can only imagine what sort of off-the-wall theme that Hollywood would come up with for Left 4 Dead.

Newell said the Source Filmmaker was a direct response to terrible movie pitches from Hollywood. The tool kit allows anyone to create animated short films using the same set of tools that Valve used to create the Meet the Team shorts over the past five years. It includes all assets from the Source game engine and Team Fortress 2 in addition to content from the first two Meet the Team short films. The kit is available for download free of charge provided you have roughly 15GB of free storage space and a Windows computer.