Research in Motion CEO Thorsten Heins recently told German publication Die Welt that he is considering selling the company's hardware production division after the launch of BlackBerry 10. Heins said there was no need to make a snap decision but all options are being considered as he continues to try and bring the once-thriving Canadian company back to prominence within the handset market.

We know from previous excerpts from the chief that he is also considering licensing BlackBerry 10 to other companies that might be interested in using it. At the time, analysts speculated that Samsung might be interested in the upcoming mobile operating system but we haven't heard anything more on the subject since then. Heins was quick to point out that the new platform would need to prove itself before licensing was a viable option, however.

That rise back up the ranks is scheduled to begin later this month when RIM launches new hardware running the long-awaited BlackBerry 10 OS. The executive believes that the company has made the right decisions with regards to becoming relevant again, pointing out that RIM has $2.9 billion in cash reserves.

BlackBerry 10 is to be a platform for the next decade, we're told. It was designed for mobile handsets used by consumers and businesses as well as in-car entertainment systems and other projects.

Only time will tell if RIM is able to regain traction in a market that is now dominated by Android, iOS and Windows Phone.