Nokia is building a WP8 handset with a true PureView image sensor

Shawn Knight

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Nokia is reportedly working on what is described as a true PureView Windows Phone 8 handset that would ship with a super-high resolution image sensor similar to the 41-megapixel monster found in the 808 PureView. The device, which goes by...

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IT seems that Nokia are saturating the market with Win8 phone models so as to cover every possible budget - good on them!

I personally LOVE my Lumia 620, and will NEVER go back to an iPhone.

Thank goodness Microsoft finally came into the phone market (again), t this time with an APPLE SQUASHER!


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I'm still really confused as to how upping the megapixel count to something like 41 helps in image quality?
surely a bigger sensor and better lens would work much better?

After reading how this PureView tech works I'm not entirely convinced, it sounds like badly lit rooms or night time photos will come out really badly on this camera, even with the help of a real flash.

To add to it all, the output files are actually 5 megapixels? the camera may rely on 41 mega pixels but it puts 8 pixels into one to then produce the output image, I still don't get how this would help with image quality?

Can anyone fill me in or have I missed something?


@ burty

think of the way anti aliasing works. Rendering a large image and shrinking it down results in a sharper, smoother image. When you shrink down these large images it also reduces the noise, something very important on smartphones. While larger pixel count doesn't exactly translate to a higher quality image, it certainly doesn't hurt.


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After the incident with the big truck and the professional camera filming the video that was supossedly made with the "pureview camera" of the Nokia Lumia 920... I'm very esceptic of them... When honesty and trust is lost, it's difficult to obtain them again...