During a recent earnings call, Google GEO Larry Page hinted at the possibility that the next phone from the search giant might be unbreakable. He also pointed out that battery life is a huge issue and that there is real potential to invent new and better experiences.

Most in the know believe Page was referring to a new flagship smartphone and possibly a tablet that's being developed in their Motorola division. If true, it would mark the first time that Google would be responsible for both the hardware and the software. The search giant worked with other partners to develop the hardware for existing Nexus products.

Earlier rumors surrounding the so-called X Phone say it will be marketed to compete with Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S III. It is said to include a top-notch camera and photo software, a bendable display and other materials that would make the phone more durable.

The fact that Page pointed out poor battery life and the fact that simple tasks like recharging a phone can be a pain for some is also open to speculation. The remarks could be a hint that the X Phone might ship with a large capacity battery or include amenities like wireless charging.

It's not outside the realm of possibility that Google could announce the new handset and tablet during Mobile World Congress late next month but if I had to put money on it, I'd venture a bet that it's more likely we will see the new Motorola gear surface during Google I/O in May.