Apple released iOS 6.1 yesterday sporting a couple of new features and bug fixes. We've since learned, however, that it has already been jailbroken courtesy of Redsn0w. It's a tethered jailbreak but if you really have the need to update and remain jailbroken, it'll work until an untethered version becomes available.

Those wanting to jailbreak with iOS 6.1 will first need to get the ISPW files for iOS 6 and iOS 6.1 in addition to a copy of Redsn0w - an app that works with Windows and OS X. Once you have all of the necessary components, you'll simply need to import the ISPW files and perform the jailbreak.

The drawback of a tethered jailbreak is that you'll need to physically attach your device to your computer in the event that you need to reboot. If this sounds like too much of a drag, we're hearing that an untethered jailbreak will be available starting February 3.

It's worth pointing out that the jailbreak only works on older pre-A5 iOS devices such as the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the fourth generation iPod touch. But rumors suggest the February 3 untethered jailbreak will also work with newer devices like the iPhone 5, iPad mini and iPad 4 - the first of its kind. We suspect that most users will likely wait the extra week to see what that update holds.

It's worth pointing out that you should jailbreak at your own risk as it will void your warranty and could possibly brick your device.

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