Windows 8 has brought with it an influx of new computer form factors, including dockable tablets, flipping convertible hybrids and even dual-screen laptops. But perhaps one of the most bizarre ideas came out of the labs at Sony. We all know of the all-in-one design, which brings the components and display of a computer together in the one elegant unit. Most recently with Windows 8 vendors have started to include touchscreens as well, and now some clever chap at Sony came up with a crazy idea: "why don't we add a battery in there?".

We imagine everyone must have laughed at that meeting - who would want a battery in their all-in-one PC? No-one needs a 20-inch tablet, it's impractical and illogical! And so the Vaio Tap 20 was born.

Jokes aside, the all-in-one-tablet-hybrid-combo-device might actually have a purpose that could be golden for the right market. After completing some work with the Tap 20 tethered to a power outlet, you can simply unplug the hefty slate, pick it up and show your workmates or friends all the cool stuff you've been doing. Alternatively you could fold down the machine into tablet-mode, bring it from your study into your living room and enjoy some fun games with the family. Either way, the Tap 20 actually does have a specific type of user in mind.

But does it succeed at being this sort of combination of two form factors? That's what we've set to find out.

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