Despite the fact that we don't know a ton of information about Nvidia's upcoming Project Shield handheld at this point, the company is once again teasing gamers with the unit's capabilities. A recent demo on Nvidia's blog shows the portable gamer streaming Borderlands 2 from a GeForce-equipped PC.

Nvidia says Project Shield will soon redefine what it means to go "Away From Keyboard" thanks to the unit's streaming capabilities. In the aforementioned demo, Nvidia utilized a Falcon Tiki PC equipped with a GeForce GTX 680 graphics card that allowed them to run the game with the graphics settings maxed out.

The video is the first in a weekly series known as PC Mondays that will showcase how easy it is to bring your favorite PC games to the handheld. In the video, an Nvidia rep opened project shield and pressed a single button to activate the display. From there, he fired up the Shield app and navigated to the PC connection tab, selected the Falcon Tiki PC then connected to Steam.

Within Steam, he is able to launch Broderlands 2 which of course initiates the title on the desktop in the background. The gaming experience admittedly looks great on Project Shield with high frame rates and real-time physics. Essentially the only difference is that you are playing on a smaller screen with joystick controls. Furthermore, the speakers built into Project Shield are designed with PC gaming in mind meaning they are distortion-free and sound larger than they actually are.

Thus far, the Tegra 4-powered Nvidia handheld looks extremely impressive but we will wait for key information like pricing, release date and an actual review before making any final judgments.