Apple may not be the only large electronics maker preparing a smartwatch as screenshots have surfaced from what very well could be Samsung's take on the same product. The images, originally posted on a Korean forum, were all captured at a resolution of 500 x 500 pixels with some bearing the name Galaxy Altius.

That name has come up before but most assumed it was related to the Galaxy S IV - a handset that is expected to debut in the near future. Each screenshot shows the wireless carrier as SKT which is a South Korean mobile provider, indicating the device might need to be paired with a separate data plan.

As SlashGear highlights, just 1.5 percent of the device's 235MB storage capacity is in use. This likely tells us that the watch is designed to be used alongside a smartphone as one couldn't do a whole lot with such a small amount of standalone storage. Furthermore, if paired with a phone, the carrier signal mentioned above would likely just be a mirror of what the user's handset shows.

As for specific functions, the screenshots show what appears to be a music player, a clock (a watch with a clock, imagine that) and an e-mail application. There's a slider bar at the bottom of this screenshot which indicates more widgets can be shown on the home screen and is another hint that the device would include a touchscreen display.

The only thing that is a bit concerning is the lack of color in the screenshots. Perhaps that could be a limitation of the display or just the result of early prototype renderings.