AMD recently announced a new innovation for tablets and hybrid PCs that will be shown off at Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona. It's called AMD Turbo Dock and in a nutshell, it allows the system to adjust performance based on whether or not the tablet is docked.

It's AMD's belief that when a user docks a tablet or hybrid in a keyboard dock, they will be doing more complex tasks like content creation. As such, Turbo Dock will be able to boost the CPU and GPU performance by up to 40 percent when docked.

Conversely, when the user removes the display and uses the system as a tablet, Turbo Dock will throttle the system down to conserve battery life under the assumption that you're using the slate for less strenuous tasks like watching a video or surfing the web.

The technology is expected to appear later this year on systems built around AMD's 28-nanometer Temash SoC with Radeon HD Graphics. Temash is the company's latest ultra-low power mobile processor designed for Windows 8 tablets and hybrids that's said to deliver up to five times the graphics performance of the competition's x86 tablet solution.

AMD says they will have dual-core and quad-core versions of the processor on hand at MWC next week. Systems powered by AMD's new processor are expected sometime later this year although at this point, no manufacturers have come forward with plans to build a Temash-based slate.