Interested in playing a city building game that isn't weighed down by always-on DRM, a lack of modding and a lack of terraforming? Turns out, you aren't the only one as a group of ragtag developers that have worked on games like Borderlands 2, Darksiders 2, F.E.A.R. and Quake 4 feel the same way. They have banded together to develop a new city building game called Civitas and have taken to Kickstarter for funding.

The team says their game will cover a number aspects including terraforming the land, zoning the land for your city, building structures that make up your city and managing all aspects of the city. The latter includes things like transportation, utilities, emergency management, natural resources and commerce. The game will also include a full-featured day / night system for added realism.

The developers claim they want to build a community as well as an amazing game and will be asking for feedback from beta users through the entire development cycle.

A pledge of just $15 guarantees you one digital download copy of the first release version of Civitas. You'll also have your name put on the game's website and in the title's credits as a contributor. A $25 donation gets you into the game's beta program will full access to all updates and revisions as well as the above mentioned perks. Estimated delivery of the game is currently set for November 2013.

Civitas needs to meet a goal of $250,000 in order for the game to reach production. As of writing, nearly 1,400 backers have pledged more than $40,000 and with 24 days to go, things are looking hopeful for the budding city simulator.