Firefox not coming to iOS confirms Sullivan Jay Sullivan, Mozilla's VP of Product, has revealed that the not-for-profit organization is not going to build an iOS version of its Firefox web browser as long as Apple doesn't mend its unfriendly ways towards third party browsers. Speaking at SXSW in a mobile browser wars panel Sullivan said that Mozilla is neither building nor planning to build a Firefox version for Apple's iOS. Mozilla pulled its browser from the App Store back in September 2012... Parity News

Intel is actively considering candidates for CEO from outside the company Intel is showing how serious it is about tackling the big challenges it faces by actively considering outside candidates for the company's next CEO. If one of them is selected, it would be the first time the world's largest chip maker has gone with an outsider for its top job. Some of the names being considered include former Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha and VMware CEO and former Intel executive Patrick Gelsinger, along with other internal and external candidates... Quartz

The watchmen On an unseasonably cool but sunny Sunday last August, Capt. Jason Smith packed his family into the car for what was shaping up to be an ideal day at the Wisconsin State Fair. As head of the Milwaukee Police Department Intelligence Fusion Center, days fully free of professional obligations are rare, even precious. When Smith is away from the Center – a little-known hub of data and 21st-century policing that's quietly evolved into a multijurisdictional dream team – his cell phone can go off at any moment. Milwaukee Magazine

Sony chairman Howard Stringer says he'll retire in June Sony board Chairman Howard Stringer, who became the first non-Japanese executive to lead the company, said he will retire in June. Stringer, 71, will step down at the company's annual shareholder meeting, the executive said last week in a speech at the Japan Society in New York. Kazuo Hirai, 52, succeeded him as chief executive officer about a year ago. A surprise choice for CEO in June 2005, the Welsh-born Stringer struggled to bring Sony into a digital age... Bloomberg

The 'second screen': is this app really necessary? Because I write about movies and television professionally, I'll admit there are some aspects of the whole Internet experience that are probably never going to be for me. I don't post reviews on Amazon or IMDb, because I'm lucky enough to get paid for doing that elsewhere. I don't have much interest in entering my favorite TV shows' hashtags on Twitter and reading what random fans are saying about them, because I'd rather chat about them with my friends, or my readers. Grantland

Google shows off hacked speaking shoe at SXSW, promises it's not getting into the footwear business All the hype of Google's presence at this year's SXSW has, not surprisingly, largely revolved around the company's Glass project, but much to our surprise, the software giant used the show to take the wraps off yet another wearable. We spoke to a rep who kicked off our conversation with the express disclaimer that "Google is not getting into the shoe business," so you can tamp down those expectations... Engadget

How Disney bought Lucasfilm – and its plans for 'Star Wars' One weekend last October, Robert Iger, chief executive officer of Walt Disney (DIS), sat through all six Star Wars films. He'd seen them before, of course. This time, he took notes. Disney was in secret negotiations to acquire Lucasfilm, the company founded by Star Wars creator George Lucas, and Iger needed to do some due diligence. The movies reacquainted Iger with Luke Skywalker, the questing Jedi Knight, and his nemesis Darth Vader... Businessweek

Oculus Rift at SXSW: is virtual reality the 'Holy Grail' of gaming? The SXSW Gaming Expo is preposterously loud. At one side of the room, a Starcraft tournament is reaching its climax, but on the other side, one group of guys is yelling louder. They sound like a basement full of adolescents discussing the newest Electronic Gaming Monthly cover story, or like the NINTENDO SIXTY-FOUR kid unwrapping his Christmas present. "Is the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality 3D headset, the future of gaming?" they ask. The Verge

Book-keeping Look inside any book published since 1970 and you will find a number. But perhaps not for much longer. The International Standard Book Number (ISBN), invented in Britain in 1965, took off rapidly as an international system for classifying books, with 150 agencies (one per country, with two for bilingual Canada) now issuing the codes. Set up by retailers to ease their distribution and sales, it increasingly hampers new, small and individual publishers. Yet digital publishing is weakening its monopoly. The Economist

SXSW: how emotions determine Google Android's design Google Android and Apple's iOS pretty much split the mobile world, at least when it comes to operating systems; rivals such as Windows Phone or BlackBerry own a small sliver of the overall market. Despite its dominant position, however, Android has faced longtime criticisms that it's simply not as pretty as the highly polished iOS – a sentiment that's only starting to change, thanks to new features and an emphasis on polish. Slashdot

Modbook 2.0: The original Mac tablet gets a makeover A ModBook Pro is exactly what it sounds like – a 13-inch MacBook Pro, but modified by a third-party company to be used as a Mac tablet. "A Mac tablet? Isn't that an iPad?" That's the universal question I received when telling anyone about this review. When compared against the product's original launch in 2008, the ModBook Pro certainly has some new challenges when it comes to finding its niche in the "tablet" market. Ars Technica

First Bitcoin hedge fund launches from Malta Ever since the bitcoin cryptocurrency first launched and achieved initial success, institutional investors and hedge fund managers have secretly sought a regulated investment vehicle for bitcoin placements. Malta-based Exante Ltd. has the solution with their new Bitcoin Fund. "I hope our fund will be the first hedge fund to take advantage of using bitcoins," explains Managing Partner Anatoliy Knyazev. Forbes

The making of: Max Payne From 2001 to 2003, it wasn't just a thirdperson camera that made the world revolve around Max Payne. Nor was it the mere sight of its excellent graphics, or of PCs taking a sideways leap into console land from where they would never fully return. More than anything, it was the man. A propulsive thriller made by just two dozen people in Espoo, Finland – a "garage band", according to writer Sam Lake – it was the story of a man imploding. Edge

The man who created internet memes – before the internet This video, known only as "The Reagans Speak Out on Drugs," was released on VHS in 1988. It's an almost seamless re-edit of the the famous "Just Say No" speech given by the Reagans in September of 1986 – except in this version, the President and the First Lady are doing their best to get us all hooked on drugs. The audio version popped up on public radio, and the video became a popular viral meme... io9

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