If you are one of the millions of people playing Minecraft, you'll be glad to know the Redstone Update has been officially released today. The brick universe created by Notch Persson is ever evolving and now includes various new items like hoppers, droppers, trapped chests, quartz blocks, and nether bricks. Although these new items add some more diversity, it's the activators and action options which really caught our attention. There's a light sensor if one wants objects activated during the day or night, pressure plates, and activation rails for TNT.

The appearance of the pixelated world has been improved with new texture packs that allow animated surfaces, and the interface for managing inventory has been improved with several of options like the ability to drag-place items over slots. There is also more lighting options, better death messages and an improved AI.

The new version is ready for all platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and the Raspberry Pi. Just head to our download section for the download links and complete release notes. For a more visual summary of the changes brought by this update you might want to check out the video below.