Meet the Breathometer - a keychain-sized portable breathalyzer designed to work in conjunction with your smartphone to determine if you are fit to get behind the wheel after a few (or several) adult beverages. The $20 gadget has already raised the $25,000 needed to fund the campaign after just one day but the company will of course need to wait until the end of the campaign to collect the funds.

The device will plug into your phone's headphone jack and using the accompanying app, you simply blow into the unit to measure your blood-alcohol concentration. We are told that it will work with Android devices as well as the iPhone and there's even an option in the software to connect to local transportation services if you are too impaired to drive.

According to a recent poll from, 64 percent of respondents said they have either driven while intoxicated or have been in the car with someone that was driving under the influence. Furthermore, 67 percent of people said they know someone that's been involved in an accident involving a drunk driver and a whopping 81 percent of people know someone that has been arrested for driving under the influence.

Early adopters can pre-order a Breathometer for just $20 which is estimated to arrive in January 2014. As of writing, however, there are just over 300 devices left at this price. After that, you'll need to throw down $50 for the early, early bird Breathometer that ships later this year in November.