As you've likely heard, Google's doing some spring cleaning and Google Reader is among the handful of services being kicked to the curb. Although the seven year old web feed aggregator has many loyal followers – more than 100,000 of which have signed this petition pleading with Google to keep the service alive -- the company says interest in the product has been declining for years and it's simply time to pull the plug.

Assuming that's the case across the board (folks being less interested in aggregators), we're wondering how many of you still regularly use RSS for news. If you're a Google Reader user as some of our staff members are, where will you go come July 1? For those of you using other services, now's a great time to preach their virtues and induct some of Google's castaways. If you don't use news feeds, is there any particular reason why?

RSS pic via GrandeDuc/Shutterstock