The well-known idiom "New York minute" is a phrase oft-used to express an extremely brief moment in time – but an Internet minute? That's a whole other level of micro-time keeping. An infographic by Intel breaks down exactly what happens online in just one minute and the numbers truly boggle the mind.

In just 60 seconds, nearly 640 terabytes of IP data is transferred across the globe. Intel then breaks that number down into every day activities and recognizable websites.

A major contributor to that data, Google, will have answered (or at least tried to answer) more than two million search queries during that single, minute-long slice of time. Meanwhile, its YouTube video service will have served up roughly 1.3 million videos while simultaneously digesting about 30 hours worth of uploaded video destined for public consumption.

Also in an Internet minute, Amazon rakes in around $83,000 in sales while 20 unfortunate souls will fall prey to identify thieves.

Over six million Facebook views will have been made and 100,000 Tweets posted, but venerable old-school e-mail is still the most happening method of keeping in touch. A whopping 204 million e-mails being sent out every minute. Even though about 150 million of those are probably spam, that's still a lot of messages packed into 60 seconds.

In addition to breaking down a minute on the web, Intel also makes a couple of projections for the year 2015. Today, the number of networked devices is roughly equivalent to the global populace, but in 2015, that number is expected to increase two-fold. Meanwhile, a staggering five years' worth of digital video will traverse IP networks each second, the infographic predicts.