If the myriad of Easter eggs on Google and YouTube aren't enough to keep you entertained while surfing the web, you might want to check out the latest browser-based game called World Wide Maze. The game constructs a playable 3D maze based on real websites in which players are tasked with guiding a small ball around the site to reach the finish line.

The style of play is similar to mobile games like Super Monkey Ball albeit with a completely unique experience for each website map you build. Players can use their Android smartphone to control the action or simply stick with the trusty ole keyboard. You'll need to sync the phone to the browser with a unique code if you want to go that route. When using a handset, gamers can tilt the device to guide the ball around the track.

Do note, however, that you'll need a computer with pretty decent hardware to power the game. The game uses the WebGL standard which requires at least 1GB of system RAM and a GPU with 256MB of memory.

World Wide Maze was developed for Google Chrome although I didn't have any problems running it in Firefox. My Core i5 Sandy Bridge-equipped work PC with integrated graphics wasn't quite up to the task, however, as the game was pretty much unplayable due to lag.

It probably isn't something you'll spend a ton of time playing but it's fun to mess around with and see how some of your favorite websites look as a 3D maze.