Google has added another trick to its bag just in time for the holidays. If you search for "let it snow", you will receive a wintery visual treat which adds snow fall and a "foggy glass" effect to the results page. After a few moments pass, you can then wipe away the fog away with your mouse cursor.

It is important to note this trick only works on the most modern of browsers that support the "Canvas" element, a feature unique to HTML 5. I have verified it works in IE9, Chrome and Firefox 8.0.1. Your mileage will most definitely vary with older and alternative browsers.

When asked for clarification, Google reportedly responded with this markedly poetic reply:

Through the fog, you have to peer
Because it's the most wonderful time of the year
Your page turned into a winter wonderland
When you typed in that search command
You can always defrost the window
Or just let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Google has a long history of fun Easter eggs, even when "Easter" is pretty far away. Before "let it snow", the most recent was "do a barrel roll", a surprise based upon the nerdy Star Fox-inspired Internet meme. Entering the phrase into Google causes the results page to do a rather impressive 360* roll before your very eyes. Here are some other great Google Easter eggs:

  • Gravity: Type Google Gravity and click "I'm feeling lucky" to observe Google collapse before your very eyes.
  • Askew: Type in tilt or askew and Google will slant your search results in an interesting way.
  • ASCII: Type in ascii art and Google will change its look to match your search criteria.
  • Alternative languages: Google doesn't discriminate. They kindly provide search services in such important languages at Klingon, Pirate and more.
  • Anagram: Searching for anagram causes Google to suggest "nag a ram"
  • Recursion: Searching for recursion causes Google to suggest "recursion" once again, for good measure
  • The Loneliest number: It's 1, of course
  • The answer to the universe: Most geeks know the answer to this one already.