Tumblr recently surpassed the 100 million blog milestone according to a ticker on the company's about page. The blogging platform has since confirmed the achievement as well as they fact that Tumblr blogs collectively contain more than 44.6 billion posts.

Surpassing the 100 million mark represents significant growth for the platform as they only had 50 million blogs less than a year ago. Tumblr had 93 million blogs as of March 2 which means they are gaining close to six million new blogs per month. To further quantify the growth, TNW points out that 82.6 million posts were created just yesterday.

The news isn't entirely shocking as Tumblr was deemed one of the top 10 web destinations in the US by Quantcast late last year. At that time, the platform had seen almost 170 million visitors the previous month which was up from 120 million in January 2012. More than 60 million visitors were from the US alone.

Earlier this month the company released an updated iOS app which made it easier for members to post photos. Tumblr is also rumored to be working on an ad platform to monetize increased mobile traffic.

It's been a good year for several web destinations thus far as Instagram announced they reached 100 million users last month. Similarly, video chat app Tango achieved the same number of members earlier this month while YouTube is now bringing in a staggering 1 billion users each month - a stat that only a few websites can lay claim to.