Jawbone today released a software update for their Big Jambox designed to improve the overall performance and experience when using the portable speaker. The company released a similar update for the smaller Bluetooth speaker late last year via Jawbone's MyTalk platform.

The update is said to deliver improved AAC audio streaming support in iOS 6.1 with fewer dropouts or interrupting across greater distances. Big Jambox owners will also enjoy longer battery life - up to two additional hours when streaming from an iOS 6.1 device. Jawbone said you'll notice improved battery life on your connected device as well.

What's more, the update lets listeners adjust volume levels from the Big Jambox or from a connected mobile device without having to adjust volume on both units. There's also a new silent mode that permits listeners to enjoy music without annoying voice prompts or tones from their mobile phone. Finally, the update is said to improve the LED response on Big Jambox and allows PS Vita owners to connect to the speaker for improved mobile audio when gaming.

The update comes just weeks after Jawbone slashed the price of the original Jambox and the Big Jambox by $50. If you recall, Jawbone's original Jambox and the Big Jambox made it into our iPad travel article last year alongside a couple of other contenders in the portable Bluetooth speaker category. The Big Jambox ultimately came out on top based on audio quality, functionality and size but the $300 asking price resulted in serious sticker shock.