Despite the fact that there hasn't been much evidence until recently to support a Facebook phone, rumors on the subject have been brewing for a couple of years now. That's all good and well but is anyone actually interested in buying a handset with a heavy social networking focus?

According to at least one survey, the answer is no. A recent poll conducted by Retrevo found that 82 percent of respondents had zero interest buying a Facebook smartphone or Facebook phone service. 15 percent of those questioned said they would need to know more about the product / service while only three percent were interested.

With that kind of response, one has to wonder why the social network would be interested in producing their own smartphone. Surely they've performed market research to gauge interest but perhaps it has to do with the demographic they are after. One would have to imagine that such a device would be targeted towards teens and young adults, but I digress.

The reactions were similar when respondents were asked if they would purchase an Amazon smartphone with Amazon phone service. On average, roughly 66 percent of people had no interest in a handset or service from Amazon. Nearly a quarter said they would need more information before making a decision either way with only 9.8 percent claiming they would buy such a device.

If either of these phones actually come to pass, they'll have a tough time competing with heavy hitters like Apple, Samsung and even Nokia for market share.