Google recently introduced a couple of optimizations designed to boost the speed and effectiveness of search over mobile. It is part of the search giant’s continued effort to improve mobile searches by tweaking results pages for users on the go. It’s been successful, too, as load times over mobile have improved by 30 percent during the past year.

The first new feature is called quick links which works pretty much as the name indicates. For example, let’s say you wanted to check out Rotten Tomatoes before deciding on which movie to see with a group of friends. Rather than having to navigate through the website to find a list of top movies, you can now look for the quick link for “In Theaters” under the main heading for the site via Google search.

Another new feature that you’ll likely notice is a blue “quick view” badge next to select search results. This service has been in use for desktop searches for quite some time now but this is the first time it has been made available over mobile.

This experimental feature pulls information directly from Wikipedia based on your query. For example, if you’re new to poker or want to get a quick refresh on hands, simply click the blue badge when searching for “poker hands” to see a list of poker hands taken from Wikipedia.

Google said they are working to expand this service but as of now, it only works on searches from in English.