A number of Google services experienced partial disruptions or outright outages this morning as users took to social networks to vent their complaints. As of about 8am Central Time until 10am, the company's App Status Dashboard showed partial disruptions for Gmail, Google Drive, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, as well as a partial service outage for the Admin control panel/API.

Anecdotal reports on Twitter suggest that the problem mainly affected those in the US, but Google has yet to provide more details or an explanation on what exactly caused the issue. As of this writing access appears to be restored across the board except for the Admin control panel/API.

We are currently investigating issues with Gmail, Drive and Docs as well as the Google Apps Control Panel. We are providing more information and frequent updates through our Google Apps Status Dashboard, which you can find at https://www.google.com/appsstatus.

We will post the root cause of the issue there when our teams have completed their investigation. In the meantime, for everyone who is affected, we apologize - we know you count on Google to work for you and we're working hard to restore normal operation for you.

This is the second outage affecting Google Drive users in roughly a month. Back in March the cloud storage service experienced partial downtime spanning at least a couple of hours. Curiously, Gmail was also down on this exact same day one year ago, in an outage that affected only those with free accounts.

This is certainly not the worst outage Google has faced. Although such issues are pretty rare and only last for a few hours, they do happen from time to time and can be a pain for those who rely on Google's services on a daily basis – including educational institutions, businesses and Chromebook users.