Evernote CEO Phil Libin recently said his company would soon be working with manufacturing partners to release branded hardware that would be "new and magical." He pointed out that Evernote wouldn't actually build the hardware but would help co-design products that could be ready in the next three to five years.

Working with third party manufacturers wouldn't be new for the company as they already help integrate their note taking and archiving service into a number of devices like cameras, scanners and blood pressure monitors. The service was also selected as one of the first apps for Google Glass.

In other Evernote news, Libin revealed that his company would probably begin implementing two-factor authentication next month in addition to other security changes. This comes after a hacker gained access to members' names, e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords last month.

The incident forced the company to reset everyone's password but it doesn't appear to be a serious blow as they are within 1.5 percent (in terms of users) of where they were before the security breach. Libin said that all of the regular users returned shortly after but people who maybe hadn't logged in for a few months haven't all come back yet.

The CEO said he is not concerned with competition from Microsoft's OneNote or Google's Keep. Instead, they are focused on expanding overseas before trying to turn a profit. For what it's worth, Libin said they had no plans to be acquired.