Several tech industry rivals are putting their differences aside in order to come together to help raise money for victims of this weekend's devastating earthquake in China. A score of tech firms have donated more than $32 million in towards the relief effort thus far according to various reports.

The 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck China's southwest Sichuan Province around 8am local time on Saturday according to reports, claiming the lives of nearly 200 people thus far with nearly 8,200 others being sent to local hospitals. To make matters worse, drinking water in many of the affected areas is expected to diminish in just a few days according to state-run media.

An even more deadly quake struck the region in 2008, killing more than 87,000 people.

Apple promised to donate RMB 50 million ($8 million) alongside a statement on the matter. In it, the tech giant said their hearts are with victims of the Sichuan earthquake and aside from the cash donation, they are committed to providing new Apple devices to schools in the disaster area.

Samsung China pledged RMB 60 million (roughly $9.7 million). The company's president for the China division Zhang Yuanji expressed his condolences on Samsung's Chinese web portal, saying the company would be with the Chinese people through thick and thin to tide over the difficulties.

Foxconn is also divvying up roughly $8 million while Asus has pledged nearly half a million and Microsoft China has agreed to donate $161,000.